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Fast and automated TSA-based multiplexed immunofluorescence on LabSat® Research

Multiplex immunofluorescence provides an edge to understand the coexpression and spatial distribution of multiple targets without compromising tissue integrity. Tyramide Signal Amplification (TSA) is utilized in immunostaining assays for its high sensitivity, being capable of detecting low expressed epitopes and generate precise and clear results.

The LabSat® Research staining platform allows high-quality fast multiplexing up to 6 markers + DAPI within a few hours.

The open system offered by LabSat® Research combines with the ultrasensitive TSA technique enables saving precious time and get reproducible results with high-quality.


"Fast and automated TSA-based multiplexed immunofluorescence on LabSat® Research"

Categories: FFPE, Human samples, IF, Multiplexing

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