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Pino Bordignon, Ph.D.

Pino Bordignon, Ph.D.

Application Development Scientist

Pino graduated from his B.Sc. in Biotechnology followed by a M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at the University of Padova. After carrying out his master thesis during an Erasmus Program at the University of Lausanne, he went on to obtain a Ph.D. in Life Sciences at the University of Lausanne in 2018, where he studied the mechanisms of activation of fibroblasts and their conversion into cancer-associated fibroblasts as a key step for tumor progression. He continued his work at the University of Lausanne as a Research Fellow for one year, gaining further experience in molecular biology and imaging techniques.

In August 2019, he joined Lunaphore’s team as an Application Development Scientist where he is responsible for the development of new applications involving in situ sequencing techniques.

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