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Joseph Bernardo

Joseph Bernardo

Chairman of the Board

Joseph E. Bernardo is currently involved as Operating Partner at Linden Capital and is a Senior Advisor at the Boston Consulting Group. Prior to this, Joseph was Chairman of the Board for SeraCare which was successfully transacted to LGC. He served as well as President of Thermo Fisher Scientifics’ Clinical Next-Generation Sequencing business. After joining Thermo Fisher in 2008, Joseph held four president positions which included Next Generation Sequencing, ImmunoDiagnostics (Phadia), Anatomic Pathology, and Fisher Healthcare. Since 2008, Joseph has been involved with the majority of IVD manufacturing M&A’s over a $500 million purchase price. Prior to joining Thermo Fisher, Joseph served as the Senior Vice President of the Central Lab Business Unit at Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics.

Joseph holds a Master of Arts Degree in Chemistry from the University of Virginia and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Lafayette College.

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