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LabSat Frozen

IHC automated stainer for In Vitro Diagnostics.

Intraoperative and emergency IHC

LabSat® Frozen is an ultra-rapid automated staining instrument based on an innovative microfluidic technology that is capable of processing IHC assays in as little as 12 minutes in an automated and reproducible manner. This technology breakthrough will allow you to run IHC tests intraoperatively, as well as swiftly respond to urgent IHC requests.

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Ultra-rapid turnaround time

Thanks to a microfluidic technology called FFeX and a pressurized system, incubation times are dramatically reduced by accelerating the reagent flow inside a staining chamber.

High quality stainings

The closed staining chamber allows ultra-rapid and uniform delivery of reagents onto the tissue section, producing homogenous staining across the zone of confinement. Short incubation times limit the exposure of the tissue to harsh conditions and prevents degradation over prolonged assay times.

Compact automation

LabSat® is a Swiss-made automated stainer of small dimensions. This benchtop device is compatible with the space constraints of a frozen section room.

Use Cases

The possibilities opened up by ultra-rapid IHC staining may allow physicians to test specific biomarkers during a biopsy procedure in order to reach more precise intraoperative diagnoses. Intraoperative IHC can help you reduce the number of additional interventions required and support you in your decision-making, potentially improving patient outcomes.

Histopathology laboratories deal on a daily basis with IHC testing for transplant cases as well as individual urgent requests which often interfere with their existing workflows. LabSat™ can improve your ability to respond to these requests, minimizing your time involvement and without disrupting existing planning.

PanCK, Frozen section of breast carcinoma.
Total staining time: 13 minutes.
CK18, Frozen section of intestine.
Total staining time: 12 minutes.
TTF1, Frozen section of lung adenocarcinoma.
Total staining time: 14 minutes.
MelanA, Frozen section of skin malignant melanoma.
Total staining time: 14 minutes.
PanCK, Frozen section of skin malignant melanoma.
Total staining time: 13 minutes.

System Components

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  • Waste

    The waste bottle will collect the reagents after its use.

  • Distribution chip

    This consumable microfluidic chip is a gateway for reagents to be distributed through the system. It must be replaced every 10 stainings and at the beginning of each day.

  • Large volume reservoirs

    Buffers and washing solutions are loaded in Falcon® tubes.

  • Small volume reservoirs

    Reagents are loaded in Eppendorf® tubes.

  • Compressed air-line

    The system is pressurized to ensure the hermetic closing of the chamber, responsible for the the microfluidic properties that make possible the reduction of incubation times.

  • Staining chip

    This consumable microfluidic chip forms a closed chamber over the tissue where the staining takes place. It must be replaced after each staining.


Simple Software Interface

LabSat® Frozen is operated through a simple, user-friendly computer interface:

  • Fully automated solution: automated calibration as well as walk-away function at the end of the day
  • Clear overview of the instrument status
  • Application protocol templates with pre-selected parameters for optimal results
  • Reports generation for tracking purposes
  • Pre-loaded IVD validated protocol: Pan-cytokeratin staining for Frozen Sections in 13 minutes

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