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WEBINAR – Towards a faster workflow for antibody validation

We are happy to invite you to our new WEBINAR. Register for free and discover the potential of our technology for your antibody validation process. 

Towards a faster workflow for antibody validation – Webinar + LIVE Q&A

June 2 2021 | 4 PM CEST – 10 AM ET

Antibodies are one of the most essential tools used in research, diagnostics, and therapeutics. Since scientists discovered how they could be produced, these proteins have taken a central role in life sciences. Their validation is critical to ensure the properties of a given antibody are known. Validation workflows have been well described to determine an antibody’s specificity and sensitivity, but they can be tedious. Learn how our microfluidic technology can support your antibody validation process.

What you will learn:
• Antibody validation: strategies and challenges;
• Innovative microfluidic solutions to support your antibody validation deadline.

Learn more about our fully open, microfluidic staining platform LabSat® Research.


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