Meet the team: Marco, Senior R&D Engineer - Lunaphore Technologies
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Meet the team: Marco, Senior R&D Engineer

Marco, Mechanical Engineer at Lunaphore, was one of the first team members of the company. He joined back in 2015 and, since then, has played a relevant role in every milestone achieved by the company.

The decision of joining the team was motivated by his decision to change his field of work, in order to joing the thriving medical device industry and, most of all, he needed a position where he could directly feel the impact of his actions on a daily basis. Lunaphore offered such position, a place where he could follow the design of medical equipment from the conceptual phase to commercialisation.

Four years later, he looks back at his experience at Lunaphore: “The best aspects of working here have been working with a multidisciplinary team and being involved in projects where each member has its own piece of the puzzle to slot in place.” He continues: “Moreover, I am daily impressed by the strong will of each team member to go further and not settle down to what we already know”.

When speaking about professional growth, he believes that working close to partners who have a suitable know-how or an helpful network, spcially in those cases where the task requires competences that are too far from his own background, is often the right way to quickly move forward and improve your professional skills.

“In what way is working at Lunaphore different from other jobs?”
“The commitment of everyone to the project and a scientific-based approach rather than a political one at all levels are the two main aspects that I found here and nowhere else”.

“Which type of people, according to you, would be a perfect match for Lunaphore?”
”I’d strongly encourage to join all of those people that are trying to offer the best of themselves and expecting the same from the other members, in order to move the boat forward as a team. “

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