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Meet Marta, R&D Biomedical Engineer at Lunaphore

Marta joined Lunaphore after finishing her studies in Biomedical Engineering, back in 2016. She had heard about the company on the very first day she arrived in Switzerland where she had seen Déborah Heintze (Lunaphore’s COO and co-founder) pitching during a “Welcome Day” meeting at EPFL, the Technical University of Lausanne. Marta was really impressed by the work they were doing. Fast-forward two years, she is interviewing at Lunaphore for an internship as her first professional experience, she got the job and she never left!

As her first professional experience, she learned everything at Lunaphore. “First of all I studied immunohistochemistry in detail. Then I started understanding the hard work behind the concept and development of a medical device, with activities ranging from technical to administrative  and even to customer-related tasks.

Marta believes a company like Lunaphore can really boost your development in the first years of a career: “Working at a start-up sometimes requires you to learn on your own how to perform small tasks. In my case, arriving fresh from academic education, it has greatly helped me improving my independence and autonomy at work. And it has paid off: Since everything is pretty much being developed from scratch, you can easily feel the impact of your work day-by-day, you get to see how some of the projects you’ve worked on come to life.

That being said, she has no doubt about what has been the most important for her:

“The best aspect of Lunaphore has always been the team spirit, the atmosphere and the availability of the whole group to integrate you”.


Every one of us contributes to change, and for that we need to be flexible because there are many surprises around each corner. The best aspect is that no one is here to impose anything and the interest of the team always comes first. People in Lunaphore always value the best talents and contributions that each person brings, no matter the age, work title or character.

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