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Meet Deniz, IP Manager at Lunaphore

Deniz Eroglu was one of the early people to join Lunaphore back in October 2015 when he was enrolled as an Intellectual Property Manager: “I had been working at the same EPFL lab where the founders used to work so I knew about Lunaphore and believed in its technology and core ideas. I had good reason to believe that the company had a bright future ahead and I wanted to join.”

When asked about the impact that Lunaphore has had in his career development, Deniz doesn’t hesitate to point out the steep learning curve:

“The best aspect of this job is being continuously challenged, having to stay at the edge of the state of the art.”

Deniz Eroglu, IP Manager at Lunaphore


Deniz mentions one key ability acquired in his role, among many: “My greatest learning came from the process of regularly collecting information on topics that I sometimes didn’t master in the first place, then being able to consolidate the information in order to present it in an efficient manner”.

However, not all the perks of startup life are related to career development. “The biggest difference is the almost-instant accessibility to everyone in the company, whether it is upper management, R&D or other teams” Deniz adds, “when I have a question or I want to bounce some ideas, the people I need are always there”. Specifically for Lunaphore, Deniz observes some very special features: “I really enjoy the diverse environment. I know that every company wants to boast about diversity, but seeing the team grow over the years while keeping the team’s composition diverse in such a natural way makes me appreciate it even more”.


“In my experience, Lunaphore is the right place for those who enjoy working with a cutting edge technology, with the potential to make a real impact”.

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