Media appearances - Lunaphore Technologies We build tumor analysis platforms performing immunohistochemistry using microfluidic technology
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Media appearances

Bilan (29.01.2020) “Accelerating the translation from the bench to the patient’s bedside” Link

CNN Money (14.10.2019) “The Swiss start-up behind the next generation in cancer treatment”  Link

Canton Vaud (23.08.2019) “Detecting cancer in a matter of minutes”  Link

Clinical Lab Products (12.07.2019) “Lunaphore announces multiplexing applications for tissue research”  Link

Europes Leading Startup Magazine (28.06.2019) “Never stay too long in a comfort zone”  Link

InVivo Magazine (30.04.2019) “Détecter un cancer en quelques minutes”  Link

360dx (04.04.2019) “Lunaphore Preparing Commercial Launch of IHC Microfluidic to Speed Surgery Decisions”  Link

RedBull Innovator Bulletin (15.03.2019) Blick in die Zukunft, “Autonome Videokameras, eine Beinprothese aus Plastikmüll und eine Revolution in der Krebsdiagnose: Vorhang auf für sechs Schweizer Start-Ups mit Höhenflug-Potenzial” Link

RTS (04.02.2019) Rubrique “C’était mieux demain”, la startup Lunaphore  Link

Swiss Technology Award (12.11.2018) “Die Finalisten stehen fest!Link

L’Agefi (27.03.2018) “Lunaphore continue sa fulgurante progressionLink

X-Letter 35 (01.03.2018) “From research project to startupLink

Scale-Up Vaud Press Release (23.03.2018) “Les 21 entreprises vaudoises labellisées «Scale Up Vaud» ont créé 1’300 emplois au total dans le mondeLink

L’Agefi (25.01.2018) “Soutenir les start-up passe aussi par l’informationLink

Lama Media (03.01.2018) “6 Most Promising Swiss Startups of 2017Link

24Heures (04.10.2017) “Six millions levés par une start-up de l’EPFLLink

Startupticker (04.10.2017) “Lunaphore closes a CHF 6M financing roundLink

Bilan Magazine (13.09.2017) “Lunaphore: Inventer demain: EurekaVideo Link

Le Temps (07.09.2017) “Parmi les dix meilleures start-up suisses, six sont vaudoisesLink (06.09.2017) “The TOP100 Swiss startup of 2017Link

Venturelab (06.06.2017) “Venture Leaders China: Meet Ata Tuna of LunaphoreLink

Venturelab (06.04.2017) “Ten new high-growth Swiss startups will compose the venture leaders China team 2017. They will showcase Swiss innovation at the World Economic Forum in Dalian.” Link

Scale-Up Vaud Press Release (31.03.2017) “Scale-Up Vaud delivers a successful first yearLink

EU-Startups (17.03.2017) “10 Swiss startups to keep an eye on in 2017Link

24Heures (10.10.2016) “Avec sa technologie ultrarapide, Lunaphore s’attaque au cancerLink

Moneycab (05.10.2016) “QUO stellt Gerät zut effizienten Tumorerkennung am Swiss Innovation Forum vorLink

Startupticker (16.09.2016) “The new CTI startup label holders are…Link

Startupticker (14.09.2016) “Top 100 Swiss startups have been revealedLink

Science & Technology Office Seoul (03.05.2016) “2016 Swiss Medtech Start-ups Delegation Visit to KoreaLink

QUO Press Release (02.05.2016) “It is essential to have a clear vision of the product Link

QUO Press Release (02.05.2016) “Diagnostic device Lunaphore” Link

Startup (01-10-2015) “TOP 100 – The Best Swiss Startups 2015 Link

Venturelab (17.09.2015) “TOP100 2015: The 100 best Swiss startupsLink (10.06.2015) “Automatisierte Technologie ermöglicht schnellere und genauere Analyse von Tumoren” Link (30.04.2015) “A new microfluidic chip technology raised €1.9Million” Link

Startupticker (29.04.2015)  “Lunaphore successfully closes Series A financing round of CHF 2 million to develop its revolutionary tissue diagnostics platform” Link

Venture lab (29.04.2015) “Raising money: You have to play both smart and hard Link

EPFL Mediacom (29.04.2015) “Successful Rounds of Financing for Two EPFL Spin-offs”  Link

L’Agefi (29.04.2015) “Lunaphore: levée de 2 millions de francsLink

Venture Kick (29.04.2015) “Lunaphore successfully closes Series A financing round of CHF 2 million to develop its revolutionary tissue diagnostics platform” Link (29.04.2015) “Lunaphore: 2 Millionen für den Kampf gegen Krebs” Link

Venture Kick (01.04.2015) “EPFL spin-offs Flyability and Lunaphore win the Venture Kick final Link

Startupticker (01.04.2015) “Les deux spin-offs de l’EPFL Flyability et Lunaphore remportent la finale Venture Kick Link

20 minutes (01.04.2015)“Deux start-up vaudoises recompenses” Link

Startupticker (18.03.2015) “Lunaphore bei deutschem Businessplan-Wettbewerb ausgezeichnet” Link

Science4life (16.03.2015) “Schneller, effizienter, kostengünstiger – High-Tech Gründer werden höchsten Anforderungen gerecht” Link

Startupticker (16.12.2014) “IMD announces Start-up Competition Winners” Link

IMD (16.12.2014) “StartUp Competition Winners 2015/2016”  Link

Startupticker (18.09.2014)“Top 100: The youngest companies and the best newcomers” Link

Startupticker (26.08.2014) “Lunaphore supported by FIT and venture kick” Link

FIT (26.08.2014) “Lunaphore gets 100K support from FIT” Link

Venture Kick (22.08.2014) “Just being a kick stage winner is already good to increase credibility in the Swiss start-up scene” Link

Bilan (13.05.2014) “Les startup de l’EPFL trustent le palmarès Venture 2014Link

Le Matin (10.05.2014) “Ils prennent le cancer de vitesse” Link

La Télé (07.05.2014) “Lunaphore remporte le prix PERL 2014” Link

EPFL MediacomThe PERL Prize Is Awarded to a Campus Start-upLink

VentureTop 10 winners” (08.05.2014) Link

Lausanne region Communiqué de presse (09.04.2014) “PERL 2014 : huit entreprises en lice pour décrocher le prix régional de l’innovation entrepreneurialeLink

Venture Kick (09.04.2014) “Lunaphore gets the first Venture Kick” Link

Venturelab (20.03.2014) “20 Swiss-based entrepreneurs selected for 2014 Swiss National Startup Team” Link

CTI Startup (15.02.2014) “From Product Idea to Market Entry in Four Steps” Link

Le Matin Dimanche (19.01.2014) “Les équipes romandes ont dominé la scène du concours «Venture 2014” Link

EPFL Mediacom (02.04.2013) “High speed cancer profilingLink

EPFL Mediacom (06.10.2012) “Prix de la Fondation Dimitris N. Chorafas 2012 – Ata Tuna Ciftlik” Link

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