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Case studies

Intraoperative – Frozen sections

What happens during a cancer surgery? While the patient is lying on the table, the tumor is resected from the body by the surgeon. In order to perform a quick analysis of the samples, the tissue is fixed and cut into thin slices as so-called frozen sections. A basic analysis using H&E is performed to observe the tissue and see if all of the tumor has been removed. However, the morphology of cells and tissue in frozen sections is affected by the preparation technique and H&E does not provide cancer-specific information. In some cases, the surgeon might therefore need additional information and ask for more specific markers to be tested. In these cases, the IHC tests which take several hours have to be performed once the patient is out of surgery.

With Lunaphore’s device, since the overall time from getting the sample to having it stained and ready for analysis by the doctor was demonstrated to be less than 20 minutes, and fits within the 30 minutes limit given to keep the patient waiting on the table, the test could be used in intraoperative setting and allow not to have to perform a second surgery later on.

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