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Publications and related articles about Lunaphore Technologies and the industry in general.

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Meet Marta, R&D Biomedical Engineer at Lunaphore

By Michele Sperandio in

Marta joined Lunaphore after finishing her studies in Biomedical Engineering, back in 2016. She had heard about the company on the very first day she arrived in [...]

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Meet Deniz, IP Manager at Lunaphore

By Irene Tamayo in

Deniz Eroglu was one of the early people to join Lunaphore back in October 2015 when he was enrolled as an Intellectual Property Manager: “I had been working at the [...]

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New Lunaphore blog!

By Irene Tamayo in

Welcome to the Lunaphore blog! We would like to use this space to share with you our stories, provide you with a glimpse of the inside of the company, allow you [...]

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