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Frozen Section Immunohistochemistry

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is the most widely used cancer biomarker test for tissues. This technique uses antibodies to detect antigens present at the surface of fixed tissue sections. Thanks to an enzyme-antibody conjugate that reacts with a soluble substrate, the colored product deposits on the tissue surface and can be visualized under a bright-field microscope.

The most common type of fixation for IHC samples is FFPE. Another common technique is the cryosection procedure, which involves freezing the tissue and cutting out frozen sections (FS) with a cryostat. The latter is a faster fixation method and is often stained with H&E in order to observe the tissue morphology. However, in order to obtain specific molecular information from the sample, FS IHC is needed.

Lunaphore’s microfluidic technology FFeX is able to dramatically reduce FS IHC turnaround times to an average of 11-15 minutes for FS IHC, compared to the 3 hours of standard automated stainers. For research laboratories, an open device based on FFeX, LabSat® Research, is available.

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