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LabSatTM Research

LabSatTM Research is an ultra-rapid automated staining instrument based on an innovative microfluidic technology that is capable of carrying out IHC/IF staining cycles within a few minutes.
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About Us

Who is Lunaphore?

We develop automated solutions, performing immunohistochemistry, based on a unique microfluidic technology.

Flexible research tools

Explore the potential of our research tools as technology enablers for multiple applications, such as multiplexed immunophenotyping, ISH/FISH or In Situ Sequencing.

Ultra-rapid IHC

We reduce IHC turnaround times in order to permit intraoperative diagnosis.




Calendar Events

31st European Congress of Pathology, Nice

Calendar Events

Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer Annual Meeting, Washington DC

Calendar Events

2019 Swiss Society of Pathology Annual Meeting, Lucerne

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* LabSat™ is for Research Use Only and not available for diagnostic procedures. Only marketed in Europe.